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Become a part of our growing community of documentary filmmakers.

Network, learn, share and so much more!

You MUST be a MyDocs member to attend any of our workshops.

Annual membership payment options are as follows:

  1. RM200 Full member (with voting rights) *submission for full membership must be approved by the committee

  2. RM150 Standard member (non voting rights)

  3. RM50 Student member (only for University and College students under 25 years)

The membership fee is not a automated recurring payment.  Once you are a member, you will receive an email seven days prior to your expiry date to remind you to renew your membership for the upcoming year. 

*We are offering a membership waiver for 2021! Please fill in "2021 fee waived" in the payment area below in step 2

Step 1: Fill up the membership form below

Step 2: Proceed with payment (credit & debit cards are accepted) 

Step 3: Create a login ID to access our members area

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