earthMusic is an original and personal music library from composer and guitarist, Al Lethbridge. MyDocs members can now benefit from 20% discount at earthMusic!


NBC NEWS Archives Xpress provides immediate access to license-ready content from NBC News and other NBCUniversal brands in a fast and easy online experience.

EDN is a meeting point for all professionals, who work internationally with documentary film and TV. Obtain a 20% discount when you join the European Documentary Network.


Congress is the home of smart content—an event where content creators, producers, broadcasters and distributors can be on the cutting edge of working in science, history and non-fiction media. A place to discover the future trends and technology across all platforms and connect with the creators and executives leading your field.

The non-profit organisation Documentary Campus has provided thousands of documentary-makers with the skills and contacts to make their films and have them broadcast around the world. Films developed through Documentary Campus have entertained, informed and inspired; they’ve been applauded and awarded - with nominations for Oscars and Emmys.

Audio Network is an independent music company that believes in liberating music. Exclusive introductory offer to all MyDocs members - 15% discount on your first series or single license production! 

The Freedom Film Network (FFN) is a not-for-profit body established to support and develop social documentary filmmaking within the context of freedom of expression and values contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in Malaysia.

National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) is a government agency and authority entrusted in spearheading the development of Malaysian film industry, officially established since June 1981 through the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia Act. 

Crossing Borders is a programme for documentary professionals in Europe and Asia looking to access the international non-fiction market. The programme has so far taken place in China (2010), Indonesia (2015), South Korea (2012 & 2016), Malaysia (2011, 2013 & 2017) and Taiwan (2018).