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MyDocs welcomes Documentary Campus to the family!

We open doors. We connect people. We challenge you. The non-profit organisation Documentary Campus has provided thousands of documentary-makers with the skills and contacts to make their films and have them broadcast around the world. Films developed through Documentary Campus have entertained, informed and inspired; they’ve been applauded and awarded - with nominations for Oscars and Emmys.


Our core expertise is in delivering excellent training in a warm, collegial atmosphere. Our programmes are constantly evolving to suit the changing media landscape. In Europe, we present the highly acclaimed Documentary Campus Masterschool. All across Asia, Crossing Borders gives filmmakers the skills they need to join the international market.  And in Latin America we host tailor-made training workshops with Campus Latino. We have embraced the digital age. Content has never been more important. Documentary Campus helps create compelling content that travels across platforms. 

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