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3rd - 6th



In partnership with Yayasan Hasanah, and supported by Perak State Park Corporation, the MyDocs team is excited to be heading to Gerik again for the third and final Kanta Komuniti workshop.

Our participants has been spending the whole of August filming their projects in preparation for the post-production workshop this 3rd - 6th September 2019.  In this final leg, industry expert Harun Rahman will guide them through editing their short-documentary films to produce the community stories that they want to tell.  Stay tuned for updates on the screening night where everyone is invited to celebrate the hard work of our Kanta Komuniti participants! 

This is a pilot project with the aim to spread filmmaking knowledge to the rural communities of rural Peninsular Malaysia. Stay tuned on our Facebook page and Instagram for updates of this workshop!





Join MyDocs for the documentary film screening of 'A Good Day to Die: Hoka Hey' followed by a special Q&A by the filmmaker, Harold Monfils.  Monfils met Jason P. Howe in 2010, and was inspirted by his work and life story that read like the adventure of Tin Tin.  Howe came with a plethora of adventure stories, though riddled with PTSD by what he has seen through the years on the job.  After a month of discussing the project, Howe began flying to Kuala Lumpur to film his interviews.  Monfils was wary of overstepping the intimacy he and his subject had developed, making sure not to cause additional trauma as Howe recollected the events; and it took a long time for Monfils to earn his trust.  The interview pertaining details of Howe becoming romantically involved with a paramilitary assassin who was eventually killed took 4 years to be recounted on camera.


Monfils is an independent filmmaker with more than 20 years of international exposure in advertising.  He has won a wallpaper of awards for his works and for Laya Project, a documentary dedicated to the survivors of 2004 Asian tsunami.  He is a world traveler with an insatiable curiosity about life.  He was born in Portugal, has a Dutch passport, grew up in Mexico and he currently lives in Asia.

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