2018 Wrap Up

Thank you for an eventful 2018!

Thank you to all whom attended and participated in our events this year! From sold out documentary screenings to workshops with world renowned trainers, we could not have done it without you! 

Documentary Film Screenings

Amongst the notable events this year was the sold out screening for the Malaysian premiere of 'Incarcerated Rhythm' by filmmaker, Indrani Kopal. Special guest YB Gobind Singh Deo, the Minister of Communications and Multimedia was present to witness what our industry has to offer.  Other screenings of films by our talented local filmmakers included 'Undercover Asia: Hooked' by Dosfellas and 'Road to Nationhood: The Undeclared War' by Rack Focus. A special thank you to Al Jazeera for their 'Witness' industry sharing night and short docs showcase too!

Training workshops & Masterclasses

MyDocs hosted various workshops throughout the year with world renowned documentary trainers such as Jane Mote from the UK,  Gary Kam from Korea, Joakim Demmer from Sweden and Olivier Pollet from France.  The workshops were a huge success thanks to the active participation of those who attended.  To find out more about what we've been up to, please visit our past events.

Behind the scenes

With the change of government this year, there has been a big shift in the way the Ministry is engaging with the film industry. MyDocs has had many encouraging meetings with them so far and will continue to contribute towards helping them develop and improve the current state of the industry through open dialogue and communication.

As part of this change, MyDocs has been chosen to have our president Harun Rahman on a newly formed panel of advisors to the FINAS board. We hope with this new representation, we will be able to continue to lobby and campaign for better opportunities for the Malaysian Documentary Industry.

We will keep you posted on the developments in our MyDocs members newsletters!

Industry sharing and development

This year some of the those MyDocs connected with were Asian Side of The Doc, InDocs, NBC News Archives, earthMusic, Audio Network, WCSFP, CCAM, Freedom Film Festival and Taylor's University.

ASD was a great way to connect with many like minded people and organisations who were keen to know more about the Malaysian Documentary scene. We hope to further these connections throughout the next year and beyond.

Thank you to CCAM for inviting us to share our experience in International marketing for documentaries. It was wonderful to be included in a local industry event.  We hope there will be more like this to come!

We look forward to working with these partners  as well as creating more industry sharing partnerships in the future!

Our partners

Check out what MyDocs members discounts and privileges you are able to enjoy with some of our partners listed above! 

A big thank you to our partners for their contribution to our association! We are looking forward to creating a bigger network  with industry partners next year!

What's in store for 2019?

FINAS partnership

We are very excited to announce that our MyDocs president Harun Rahman has been appointed to the newly formed FINAS advisory panel. This is wonderful news as MyDocs will be continuing to work closely with the new government in their restructure of FINAS, giving the Malaysian documentary industry a voice and a platform to inspire positive change.


As part of the new FINAS restructure, there will be many changes including the FINAS funding process. We will keep you updated on how this develops.

Training programs and co-production partnerships

In 2019 we hope to be able to create more opportunities for better learning and development. If there are any areas in particular you would like us to focus on please email us info@mydocs.my

In connection to our training programs, we are working on being able to create more opportunities for our members' stories to be made. To do this we are working on creating potential co-production partnerships with various content platforms. 

We hope to have a broader range of training available for different types of documentaries including short docs, TV docs / series and feature docs.

Film screenings

We will continue with our film screenings of both local and international documentaries. Along with masterclasses and interactive Q&A with the filmmakers.  Please let us know if you have any films you would like to screen.

MyDocs members only newsletter

In 2019 there will be many new and exciting changes. Therefore to keep you updated we will be sending out bimonthly newsletters to keep you informed of the progress. *This will be for members only so be sure to join the MyDocs family! 


We have big plans for 2019 so please work on developing your stories! Have them ready for when we announce call for entry for our training programs. And possible funding opportunities!

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In 2019 MyDocs will be working very hard to create a stronger, more professional and experienced documentary industry! Along with  bringing new & exciting opportunities for the Malaysian documentary industry both locally and internationally. 

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Contact us

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