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Kanta Komuniti x Suara Community-made Short Doc Showcase

Kanta Komuniti x Suara community-made short documentaries showcase

11th September 2019

Thank you to everyone who attended the Kanta Komuniti x Suara community-made short documentaries showcase!

This screening marks the graduation of our Kanta Komuniti participants after months of dedicated hard work attending various workshops and producing their very first documentaries. We are so proud of how far they have come since joining the program with zero filmmaking knowledge back in July.

On this celebratory night, the participants premiered their work to the public followed by a Q&A session where they shared stories of their journey with the program and what challenges they faced while completing their projects. They were joined by participants of Suara, who also shared their short films.

Kanta Komuniti is a program designed by MyDocs to spread documentary filmmaking knowledge in Peninsular Malaysia beyond the urban walls of Kuala Lumpur.  Through intensive workshops lead by industry-experts, the Kanta Komuniti participants are guided through the stages of pre-production, production & post-production over the course of three months. With the acquired skills, the participants then produce a short-documentary on chosen topics reflecting their individual communities. 

Suara Community Filmmaking is a tailor-made training programme by Borneo Eco Film Festival for aspiring indigenous and local community filmmakers in Sabah. Through thematic and intensive workshops helmed by leading professionals in the Malaysian film industry, Suara Community filmmakers learn to harness the power of images and sound to tell the stories about their communities, experiences, the environments around them and worldviews related to Borneo’s biocultural heritage.

It has been a wonderful experience to be able to spread filmmaking knowledge beyonds the urban walls of Kuala Lumpur. We would like to thank our trainers for their dedicated guidance, Yayasan Hasanah for their support, Perak State Parks Corporation for their involvement as our local liaison and to Suara Borneo Eco Film Festival for this collaborative night.

Please head to our gallery to see more photos of this event.


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