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MyDocs at Cooler Lumpur Festival

This year, MyDocs proudly co-presented some exciting events at the Cooler Lumpur Festival!

Coffee With Hussain Currimbhoy:

An intimate coffee session with one of the documentary and VR programmers for Sundance Film Festival! Hussain presented a short in-conversation, introducing filmmakers and industry to the Sundance festival and the submission process while outlining opportunities that exist for emerging and established filmmakers at the festival. He discussed Sundance’s programming philosophy, and offer insights into how filmmakers can launch their feature, documentary or short film.

VR;IRL (Virtual Reality; In Real Life):

In this interactive session, Hussain Currimbhoy, one of the documentary and VR programmers for Sundance Film Festival discussed new opportunities for documentary, documentary and journalism, as well as documentary and VR, among others. Together with VR specialist Lionel Chok, they talked about how using virtual reality to tell stories can change minds and ultimately, change lives.

The Asian Premiere of 'Food Evolution':

Amidst a brutally polarizing debate marked by passion, suspicion and confusion, FOOD EVOLUTION , from Academy Award®-nominated director Scott Hamilton Kennedy (The Garden, Fame High, OT: Our Town), explores the controversy surrounding GMOs and food. Traveling from Hawaiian papaya groves to banana farms in Uganda to the cornfields of Iowa, the film, narrated by esteemed science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson , wrestles with the emotions and the science driving one of the most heated arguments of our time.  In the GMO debate, both pro- and anti- camps claim science is on their side. Who’s right?


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