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MyDocs at the International Marketing 101 Forum

MyDocs had the pleasure of presenting at the International Marketing 101 Forum today along with a panel of esteemed speakers from ASTRO Shaw, KRU, MDEC, MARTRADE & Nafalia Corp.

Our Executive Director, Lina Teoh, was invited to be on the panel to contribute to the discussion in relation to the documentary industry. Topics ranged from accessing the international market place, to creating our own co-production opportunities, to building local skills, to the lack of local platforms for Malaysian documentaries.

It was an educational forum filled with interesting insights. It's a rare occasion for different genre of content providers to be in one room together to share their experiences so openly. MyDocs came away with much valuable knowledge that will inspire us to continue to push forward in our industry!

Thank you CCAM, FINAS & PFM for organising this wonderful event!

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Apr 23, 2018

Nice. Well done Lina!

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