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1 Day Camera & Sound Workshop with Goethe Institute

THIS CAMERA & SOUND WORKSHOP was a one-day workshop designed for documentary filmmakers.

The workshop was broken into two general sections.

1. Screening & analysis

The participants watched the film screening of “My Father the Turk” followed by an analytical discussion of the film and how engaging a personal story can be, but also how difficult it is to produce.

2. Case study & filming styles

The second part consisted of sample rough cuts of the trainers’ past projects. This is a case study of how problematic filming with one camera could be, due to lack of cutaways. The participants were also taught how to combat the issue by adding random shots that could add to the story.

Participants also learnt the different tips and tricks of how to get subjects to be comfortable with having a camera crew around, as well as the importance of blending in with their surroundings despite holding big equipments.


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