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Kanta Komuniti Workshop #3

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

'KANTA KOMUNITI' Workshop #3

3rd - 6th September 2019

In partnership with Yayasan Hasanah and supported by Perak State Park Corporation, MyDocs headed to Gerik again for the third and final round of the 'Kanta Komuniti' workshop where participants were taught about post-production.

This session was a continuation of the previous workshop and was designed to solely focus on the various aspects of post-production. The participants learnt everything from data management, rough cuts, fine cut, audio mixing, colour grading and mastering. This was an extremely hands on session as they were tasked to learn these different stages on their own films until completion!

Their films will be premiering at PJ Live Arts Jaya One on the 11th September 2019 at 8:00pm. Everyone is invited to join us in celebrating their hard work on this triumphant night! To book your free ticket please head to:

Each group spent the whole of August filming their projects and came back to the third workshop prepared with a roll of footage that they used to build their story in edit. Lead by industry expert, Harun Rahman, they spent long hours each day to fine tune their cut into a finished product.

The Sungai Tiang Orang Asli community produced a story on a hidden gem located in their village. Sungai Tiang is inhabited by less than 80 Jahai families, but is home to thousands of Ikan Kelah, which is a rare fish species. It fetches up to RM1,000 per kilo when sold and attracts poachers who come into their land illegally to hunt on the animals. Their short-documentary is about the story of a community who band together in an effort to protect the Ikan Kelah from going extinct.

The Kampung Bongor/Bersia group produced a heart-wrenching film about the epidemic of fatal motorbike accidents involving minors in their community. Due to the secluded nature of their schools, students have no access to public transportation and often ride motorbikes illegally in pursuit towards education. Their film aims to be the voice of this children fighting for a safer and more economical option for their daily commutes.

The MyDocs team are very proud of all the participants and what they have accomplished throughout the program. They started the program with absolutely no prior experience in filmmaking but steadily showed improvements in all aspects of production. We can't wait to share their films with everyone!

The screening night will be in collaboration with Borneo Eco Film Festival, who will be showcasing the short documentaries produced by the participants of their Suara program, a similar community filmmaking program held in Sabah annually. Don't forget to book your ticket at !

To see more photos of what went on at this workshop, please head to our gallery.


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