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2 Day Camera & Sound Workshop with Goethe Institute

THE CAMERA & SOUND WORKSHOP was a two-day workshop designed for documentary professionals.

The workshop was broken into four general sections:

1. Screening & analysis

The trainers shared their past projects followed by an analytical discussion of the different techniques of filmings and how that can affect the over all mood and feel of the story.

2. Type of equipments

The second part consisted of the different types of equipments available on the market today and what the features and uses are. Here, the participants learnt that minimalism is key. It was highlighted that keeping your equipment list small and light weight is how filmmakers can be fluid in keeping up with the pace of an unscripted shoot.

3. Practical training

After theoretically familiarising themselves with the equipments, participants were then able to try their hands at using the trainers’ go-to set up and learnt first hand how beneficial it was to keep their set up small. Each participants were able to rotate between using the camera, where they learnt about the importance of listening to their subjects in order to instinctively know where the camera should be pointing and also when the frame should be changed. While learning to work as the soundman, participants learnt the ability to be alert of interframing, while also ensuring that they are not missing out on any good soundbytes.

4. Workflow

Lastly, the participants learnt how to systematically ingest the footage that they have filmed and how to sync the audio & video via time codes. Here, it was noted that the rule is to make sure they organize their media well enough to a point where anyone involved in post-production will be able to understand the filing system without being guided.


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