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Camera & Sound Workshop

Cinematography Trainer: Wong Chin Hor

Bronze Winner at the Australian Cinematographers Society Awards for Cinematography 2015/16 and Winner of Best Cinematography at the Malaysian Documentary Awards 2013.

Chin Hor took the the participants through an extensive and thorough keynote session, sharing many examples and experiences along the way. There was constant interaction with the participants throughout the day. At the end of the workshop, Chin Hor shared practical tips and was available for further questions and assistance to those who wanted to discuss things further.

Some of the topics covered in the workshop included:

  • Story Story Story - the relationship with the story and the director

  • Mindset and practices - eg caring for you gear, showing initiative, know yourcraft, discipline, listen, communicate, be professional etc

  • Master the basics - Exposure, Focus, framing, balance, adjust color/contrast,B&W, setting the tripod, care for sound etc

  • Prep - Shot list, gear etc

  • Camera’s - types of camera’s and lenses available to use for differentsituations

  • B-Roll and their significance

  • The unique relationship between the cameramen and the sound recordist

Sound Recordist Trainer: Helmi Hamren a.k.a Jimy

Regarded as one of the best Sound Recordist in the region, Jimy is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has been in working the industry since 1994. He has worked on various projects including commercials, TV dramas and documentaries for local and international production houses.

During the Workshop Jimy shared many tips of the trade, including:

•  How to set the correct sound levels, •  What type of equipment works best for certain situations, •  How to correctly attach a lapel mic on many different types of materials •  How to work well with your team (especially the cinematographer)


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