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Documentary for Beginners

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

In collaboration with Finas, MyDocs held a very successful documentary workshop for beginners early this month. Congratulations to all who attended the workshop!

With four trainers conducting the workshop over 3 days, the topics included: What is a documentary? Styles and Genre. How do you choose a story? Story vs subject. Who are your audience? Who are your clients? And how can you get a film made? Your pre-production team. The importance of research and getting to know your characters and story well. What is a script and what role does it play in your film? Your production team. Equipment - what you need to make a documentary? Basic introduction to schedule, budgeting and paperwork. Post-production - what is offline, music, online and delivery? And much more! It was very exciting to see such a great turn out and so many interested budding filmmakers! Looking forward to the next ones!


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