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EDN Pitch Pilot Workshop

EDN Pitch Pilot Workshop

19th - 21st October 2016

THE PITCH PILOT WORKSHOP was a three-day interactive workshop designed for documentary professionals.

We set the maximum attendance to four groups of three individuals (director, producer and editor) to be able to successfully work with each participants individually during the editing process.

The workshop was broken into three general sections:

The first covered the key elements and fundamentals of what a pitch pilot is and how it is an important tool to be used in a pitching session. Participants were shown examples of what makes a good and a bad pitch pilot reel. Participants then began their editing process with a clear idea of how to tell a story in a concise video.

The second part focused on the editing process of their pitch pilots. The trainers rotated between each groups through out the day to check on their progress and to give updated feedbacks on how to improve. Here, the participants learned the importance of going through stages of reediting to be able to understand what works and what does not work for their stories, including how different techniques of editing can help improve their products.

The third part focused on having the participants present their stories in plenary. They were required to pitch their ideas, as well as to show their final edited pilots as though they are in a real pitching session. They were given feedbacks on what to improve, and what other elements to add to their pitches to make it more appealing.

The interactive element of the workshop was present through out the entire three days. The trainers encouraged participants and observers to engage in discussions and share their opinions in every aspect of the topics presented.


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