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Kanta Komuniti Workshop #1

'KANTA KOMUNITI' Workshop #1

30th June - 4th July 2019

In partnership with Yayasan Hasanah and supported by Perak State Park Corporation, MyDocs had the pleasure of crossing state borders to Gerik to organise a documentary filmmaking workshop with selected communities from Perak.

The program will consist of 3 workshops held between July - September of this year. The first workshop was spearheaded by industry experts; Harun Rahman, Wong Chin Hor & Helmi 'Jimy' Hamren.

The participants who came from Sungai Tiang, Kampung Bersia & Kampung Bongor had no prior knowledge in documentary filmmaking but are eager to learn the skills with the hope of being able to tell unknown stories of their individual communities.

In this workshop, they were introduced to the basics of storytelling, cinematography and sound. The participants were also given multiple practical sessions where they were able to be practise what they were taught in the classroom.

This pilot project was created with the aim to spread filmmaking knowledge to rural communities of Peninsular Malaysia, and we had such a promising time with our first batch of participants. We are looking forward to see everyone again at the next workshop!

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on Kanta Komuniti. To view more pictures of the first workshop, please head to our photo gallery.

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