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Kanta Komuniti Workshop #2

'KANTA KOMUNITI' Workshop #2

27th - 30th July 2019

In partnership with Yayasan Hasanah and supported by Perak State Park Corporation, MyDocs was in Gerik for the second leg of the documentary filmmaking workshop, Kanta Komuniti.

This session was a continuation of the previous workshop whereby the selected participants from Sungai Tiang and Kampung Bongor & Bersia gathered again to be trained in various aspects of documentary filmmaking. The focus of this session was to get the participants ready for the production stage of their individual projects, which will be commencing in the upcoming month

This workshop was filled with many practical sessions involving various scenarios to get the participants comfortable with interviewing characters, dealing with audio interference, planning their shot lists and how to effectively work as a team.

They were spearheaded by industry experts; Harun Rahman, Wong Chin Hor & Fauzan Aziman, who tailored hands-on modules to give the participants a clear idea of how to plan for their shoots and how to deal with issues they may face on the field.

We are looking forward to the next workshop where we will preview everything the participants had filmed for their projects and guide them on editing the footage into a short documentary.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on Kanta Komuniti. To view more pictures of the workshop, please head to our photo gallery.


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