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MyDocs at Freedom Film Fest 2017

Early this September, MyDocs co-presented some interesting sessions at Freedom Film Fest 2017.

'Change The World: Film & Impact Strategies' workshop with Ondřej Moravec

Ondřej Moravec, the program director of One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Prague.  In this workshop, he presented some case studies of documentaries that had successful impact strategy campaigns.  He also shared insights on how documentaries filmmakers can evoke change & action from audiences beyond just screening their films.

'Freedom of Expression & Documentary Filmmaking' workshop with Petr Lom & Corrine van Egeraat

Petr Lom and Corinne van Egeraat have more than fifteen years of experience making films dedicated to freedom of expression.  In this workshop, they discussed strategies and tools for effective and creative storytelling in countries where freedom of speech is fragile, or not guaranteed. They used their previous work from Egypt, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Cameroon and Myanmar as case studies, with particular focus on their latest film: Burma Storybook.


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