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Screening: Aerial Asia

MyDocs organised the documentary screening of 'Aerial Asia: Indonesia & Malaysia' produced by Novista.

Aerial Asia offers a rare glimpse of Asia's most treasured landmarks, all seen from breath-taking heights. This four-part series shot in stunning 4K captures the history and culture of this extraordinary continent and reveals a spectacular view of Asia that has never been seen before.

Q&A with the filmmaker

Harun Rahman is an avid documentary filmmaker with more than 25 years’ experience. He majored in film production in the United States, then pursued a career in film and television. Harun has travelled the world and has won several accolades for his work.

An accomplished documentary director and cameraman, Harun has worked on many projects for National Geographic Channel, History Channel, Channel News Asia and many other international as well as local broadcasters.

Most recently Harun traveled extensively throughout Malaysia & Indonesia to film a visually astonishing series called 'Aerial Asia' using only aerial footage.

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