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Screening: To Hunt A Paedophile

“To Hunt a Paedophile”  focuses on the investigation by the Australian and UK police that led to the arrest of Richard Huckle, a serial paedophile who had been preying on children in poor communities in Asia. Huckle would eventually be found guilty of over 70 counts of sexual assault against children, committed over a 9 year span, taking place mostly in Malaysia.

The documentary exposes the existence of local paedophile networks in Malaysia and speaks with a former member of a local online paedophile forum who reveals how it works. By following a team of journalists, the film highlights how local predators are turning to social media to target and lure young victims. The documentary explores the challenges that are faced by local authorities in tackling the issue of child sexual abuse in Malaysia.

With a Special Guest panel after the film including
NGI - Syed Azmi, NGO - PS the Children founder Madeline Yong, R.AGE producer Elroi Yee & the filmmaker Justin Ong.

Syed Azmi Alhabshi is known as a Non Government Individual (NGI) an active do-er making changes in society. He is a pharmacist by profession but more recently is known as a social activist with an passion for children's rights and the homeless.

Madeleine Yong, Founder of PS The Children.

For over 20 years, Madeleine has supported thousands of children and adults to move forward from their past traumas and daily fears. Through her hard-work and passion for this extremely important issue, "PS The Children" has became the regions prominent voice for child rights protection, a catalyst of change and a bold initiator of new structures, programmes and policies.

Elroi Yee - Senior Producer at R.AGE Elroi has been working in video production since 2006. Since taking an interest in documentary production, he has produced for Channel News Asia and Crime & Investigation Channel, before landing a role at R.AGE to build an online documentary production team. His work at R.AGE includes the Asian Media Award-winning documentary The Curse of Serawan. R.AGE was recently awarded the WAN-IFRA World Young Reader Award for its work in 2016, in particular for its long-running series on online child sexual abuse Predator in my Phone.

Justin Ong the filmmaker Justin is a Malaysian-based award winning filmmaker who’s known for his intimate portrayals of extraordinary people and places. Justin has filmed everywhere from the notorious New Bilibid maximum-security prison in the Philippines, to the coalmines in the Mongolian tundra. Interviewing heads of states, underworld crime lords, celebrities, refugees on the run and rogue monks. He’s followed the trail of human traffickers, filmed in ancient torture chambers, followed first-responders to crime scenes and tracked down missing refugees to their camps – all in pursuit of telling a good story. Justin hopes to shed light on stories and people that are often ignored.


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