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'Selling Your Story to an International Market' workshop

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

'Selling Your Story to an International Market' workshop

Thank you to everyone who participated in this two-day workshop with world renowned documentary trainers; Jane Mote from the UK & Gary Kam from Korea!

This was a two-day interactive workshop where participants had hands on guidance from the trainers on how to develop their stories into a documentary that can be sold and marketed beyond the local market. Participants also got to learn about the different formats of documentaries and which platform is best suited for their particular project.

The workshop ended with a pitching session where participants get to learn from each other’s projects and pitching styles. The trainers took this opportunity to use their experience as panel and judges on various documentary forums around the world to guide the participants on what worked and what did not work with their pitches. Participants walked away with a clearer knowledge on what is to be expected when trying to sell their story at an international platform.

To view more photos from this workshop, please visit our gallery.


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